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Now that spring has finally arrived, we see signs of flowers blooming, hear sounds of birds chirping, and smell the new growth of grass pushing through the formerly frozen soil. All our senses are being rewarded with the signs of a season associated with new birth and rebirth. For those of us who spend the winter months going from one indoor location to another, with little time spent breathing in the fresh air and enjoying the wide open outdoor environment, … Read More

It’s that time again. Time to get your special someone that special gift which will tell her or him just how much you care. Flowers, chocolates, jewelry or some sexy lingerie. Time to rekindle that romantic flame that once burned (and maybe still does) deep in your heart, soul and loins. Time to remember how it felt when you first locked eyes, held hands, kissed and made love. Can you get that feeling going again? Or has it been relegated … Read More

In the past we’ve all made resolutions for the upcoming year which sounded good at the time, but turned out to be more than we bargained for. Either we felt that our behaviors over the years have become bad habits, or someone else has been trying to get us to change. Whether it’s something we ourselves would like to change or something that’s getting on the nerves of our friends, family members, co-workers, etc., we decided to do something about … Read More

When therapy works it’s mostly because of the therapeutic relationship. Unlike most other health care providers, psychotherapists do not “fix” problems. We do not cure illnesses or prescribe medications to treat them. For many conditions, medication is an important adjunct to therapy. Clinical depression, severe anxiety, bi-polar mania and psychosis, to name a few. Sometimes, sex therapists recommend an evaluation by a medical provider who may prescribe medication which can alleviate certain problems that interfere with sexual functioning, such as … Read More

As I’m preparing the evening meal I am thinking about what to write for this month’s blog. That’s when it occurred to me that it’s November, which means Thanksgiving, of course. The day of the year when many of us prepare an orgy of traditional epicurean delights. Throughout the years of teaching sex education I’ve relied upon the similarities between the hunger for food and the hunger for sex, as well as the relationship between food and sex as sustenance … Read More

Tune in to any regular weekly television program. Comedy, drama or mystery; it doesn’t matter. At least one of the story lines focuses on the subject of sex. It may involve dating or relationships, but the underlying theme is typically sex. Characters in these programs are looking for sex, trying to avoid it, or are being motivated to do something significant by it. They get married, divorced, arrested, even hurt or killed because of it. Well, sex is important. It’s … Read More

So you just had a baby. Is it a boy or a girl? That is the question you’ll most likely hear first. Not, weight, length or health. Most of us are fairly certain which of the two sexes we are. It’s right on our birth certificates. Then it shows up on our school records, drivers licenses and passports. Those two boxes appear on every document, application and identification card we obtain. So go ahead and check the box. Are you … Read More

In a landmark ruling, New Jersey becomes the second State in the country to pass a bill forbidding licensed therapists from offering conversion therapy for Lesbian and Gay youth. This ruling follows, not quite on the heels of but pretty close to, the governor’s decision last year to veto a bill allowing same sex marriage in the Garden State. New Jersey’s governor, Chris Christie, had been rather vocal about his views on marriage equality in his State, as well as … Read More

Due out May 22, 2013, the newest version of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM-5.1) will no longer treat gender variance as a disorder. Among other revisions (hoarding will now have its own diagnostic code rather than remaining under the OCD umbrella), the stigmatizing term of “disorder” will not be used to describe Transgender men and women. Instead, the term “Gender Dysphoria” will replace it. Now remember, the good-hearted folks of the American Psychiatric Association do not take anything away … Read More